Modern Kitchen Remodel for Stylish Minnesota Condo

condo iwth gray floor, gray slab door cabinets and modern furniture

The stylish modern condominium shown above is the work of Tiffany and Ryan Otte. The couple owns a general contracting construction company, ROC Home Pros, based in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is the sixth project where they have teamed with CliqStudios designer Melissa to create kitchens for urban dwellers.

An open kitchen, always on stage, needs to blend with the living area and offer a visual feast. In the modern condo pictured,  the clean profile and smooth texture of gray slab door cabinets optimize visual space.

an empty condo with a kitchen with a peek-a-boo window to the living area.

Designer Melissa refers to the 1980’s peek-a-boo style as a “troll kitchen.” “I forgot how ugly that kitchen was,” exclaimed Tiffany Otte when looking at photos of the original space. A condo dweller herself, she knew exactly what to do with the space – open it up to the living area and make every inch work.

corner view of condo kitchen with gray slab door cabinets, ceiling high aqua glass mosaic tiles, stainless range hood and floating shelves

Ceiling-high glass mosaic tiles behind the range hood and floating shelves above the sink transform cooking and cleanup zones into light and airy style features. The refrigerator, adjacent to the living area, can be accessed without intruding on the cook’s territory. Gray woodgrain tile flows through the entire space.

An almost invisible but significant feature – the wall cabinets are 15 inches deep, instead of the standard 12 inches. The extra-depth modification provides ample storage for large plates and bulky containers.

two-tier cutlery drawer open in gray slab door cabinets

Specialty cabinets are key to optimizing storage. The tiered cutlery drawer shown doubles the organized storage in the space of one drawer. The kitchen also sports a roll-out trash-recycling center, vertical tray cabinet, sink tip-out tray and lazy Susan corner cabinets.  Appliance selections are equally important. A microwave drawer not only frees counter space, but offers convenient top loading.

condo remodel contractor ryan otte and interior designer tiffany otte in st paul minnesota gray modern kitchen

ROC Home Pros owners Ryan and Tiffany Otte provide investors and home sellers with an unmatchable design-build-sell program. Tiffany is in charge of design and real estate transactions. Ryan, who has been in construction since he was 15 years old, says, “You don’t want to ask a contractor for a design.”

This is their sixth project working with CliqStudios. The condo sold before the kitchen was constructed, the customer’s decision based on the design and samples.

They appreciate Melissa’s creative and practical contributions, and her commitment to service. And the cabinets? They have never had anything but positive comments from the customers. Ryan’s favorite feature is soft-close as standard, while Melissa appreciates the ability to modify cabinets to achieve exactly what she intends.

Read more about ROC Home Pros, CliqStudios Contractor of the Month, June, 2016.

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