How Much Can You Save with Zero Percent Financing?

Why Does CliqStudios Offer Special Financing?

CliqStudios is currently offering interest free financing for 12 months on your kitchen cabinet purchase. The reason we offer this special to our customers is to allow them to create their dream kitchen in the most economical manner.

The Hows and Whys of Zero% Financing

Interest-free financing helps to keep costs down by allowing customers to pay over time without paying more for their project. While the interest-free loan option is only available for the cabinet portion of your kitchen project, that is a significant part of the project costs.  Interest-free financing is particularly valuable when applied to any of the materials needed to complete your project.  Materials such as cabinets are paid for upon order so any financing will allow 30 days before you start paying on your purchase.

Would Cash be a Better Option?

Using your cash upfront means loss of return on investment so using an interest-free loan gives you the advantage of cash without the loss of return.

Other Advantages to Zero Percent Financing

A kitchen remodeling specifically can raise the value of your home, so interest-free financing lets you invest money in what is likely one of your biggest assets without added financing costs.  Do I Qualify

Comparing Financing Options

Consider the following two projects with four payment methods: All financial information is an estimate only projected from current rates.

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