A kitchen using CliqStudios Decorative cabinets in White with dark floors.A kitchen using CliqStudios Decorative cabinets in White with dark floors.

An Outdated Kitchen

Brad, a CliqStudios employee and his wife, Julie, dreamed of the ideal kitchen. “If you saw the before pictures you would know why,” said Julie. The cabinets were original from 1964. Many of the appliances were 20 years old.

Finally, the inspiration to pull the remodeling trigger came from a friend.“What really motivated me was my friend’s new kitchen. I always wanted to do it but when I saw her kitchen it motivated me. Brad working for CliqStudios was another motivator.” The result is a bright and beautiful farmhouse kitchen.

Cliqstudios homan Decorative white sinkCliqstudios homan Decorative white sink

Designing the Perfect Kitchen

They got to work with their CliqStudios kitchen designer, Robyn Belongie, to create a refreshed space with farmhouse charm. They created this style with CliqStudios Decorative cabinets in White.

Cabinetry to transform your kitchenCabinetry to transform your kitchen

The Perfect Entertaining Space

On the day we spoke to Brad and Julie, they were preparing for a party. As usual, they are excited for every opportunity to show off and use their new kitchen. The space is more sociable, allowing for easy and fun cooking and entertaining. As a result, everything is exactly where it makes sense to be in the kitchen.

cliqstudios homan Decorative white book endcliqstudios homan Decorative white book end

It’s All in the Decorative Details

Also, the decorative details of the kitchen make it memorable. The gray subway tile backsplash lends a cool contrast and texture to the white cabinets. They brightened the space by combining white cabinets with can and pendant lights.

cliqstudios homan Decorative white end panelcliqstudios homan Decorative white end panel

No Comparison

Finally, both Brad and Julie agree that the kitchen transformation was dramatic. “No comparison, 100% better, no 120% better,” said Julie.

cliqstudios homan Decorative white ovencliqstudios homan Decorative white oven