Wet Felted Coin Purse – Felting

DIY coin purse made of handmade felt with the title "Free Printable Pattern - Felted Coin Purse Resist" over it


How gorgeous is this nuno felt combo purse?  I’m so in love with the colour and textures in this project.  Over on their website you can follow along with impressive step by step instructions through photo and video!  There is even a pattern for this piece, all you need to do is find the purse clasp which I’ve often seen in local craft supply stores!

Click here for instructions

Placing teal and purple merino wool along the edges of scraps of blue and teal sari silk fabric to help it felt to the fiber below

At this time of year we are often starting to think about what we might make our loved ones for Christmas, (Yes those of us who are super organised do actually do this, I’m not one of those people but I do aspire to be! lol)  So if you are super organised, or even just inspired to try something like this, you might find a few of these would be a hit when it comes time to give gifts.  Once you’ve made one you might like to try others, I’m sure these instructions would work just the same for other styles of purse clasp so while you are out looking for one for this particular project you might want to pick up similar ones in different styles so you can continue on with your new found passion! 🙂

Here at CraftGossip we are all about all kinds of crafts, so make sure you come back and see what all the blogs have up their sleeves for christmas gift making and creating!

But for this one just head over to ABCrafty to find all you need to get started on this great, useful project!

And Happy Felting!


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