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For the impatient, click here to see our latest adventure in enamel pins that are targeted for crafters! For the rest, read on…

With the world struggling right now for normality we have had to adapt and find changes for our business so that our business can also stay alive. This has involved testing the waters of running our own store.

As you may already know, we started our Amazon store last year to help us out financially through the first Covid storm. We filled the store with our favorite items for crafting as well as products that were perfect for gift giving. The year before that we started selling our own merch in the form of Craft related T-shirts.

So what is our new project?

Craft-related enamel pins! We see all these products out there for sporty people, wine drinking people but what about the CRAFTY ART People?

We hope that you will help support this page by showing some love and making a small purchase. Our pins are as low as $3.99 with FREE shipping! Which is less than a cup of coffee.

Before we launch to the whole world, we are keeping it small for our own readership so we can do some market research and of course allow our die-hard fans to buy whilst stocks are limited.

Take a look and pop back and tell us what you think. Do you like our shirts in the amazon store? How about our gift guides – are they helpful? Want more pin choices? Let us know!!

Here are all our stores:

Craft-related enamel pins

Amazon store

Craft related T-shirts

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