Tips for Working With Variegated Thread in Needlepoint – Needle Work

For some of us, variegated thread is not always easy to incorporate into needlepoint designs.  This article from Poppy Monk Needlepoint Kits is full of tips to help you get the most out of that beautiful thread.

Complete with basic tips as well as some examples of using variegated thread in design, you will be heading to the store to start buying some in no time.

I particularly like the use of the green thread in the leaves example.  The article also demonstrates what different stitches look like with the same variegated thread.  It is pretty amazing how different the same yarn can look with just the simple change of a stitch.

Read all about it here:  Needlepoint Variegated Thread Tips

[photo from Poppy Monk Needlepoint Kits]

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