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I was going to say, the perfect shelf doesn’t exist. However, I’d be lying if I said that because I think I found the perfect shelf when it comes to organizing essential oils.

My office is a small space, like so narrow I can just about touch both side walls at the same time small. I used to have a much, much bigger space complete with a huge closet, but then I had kids and gave up my office/craft studio so my tiny humans could have bedrooms.

Going from a large space to a smaller space really caused me to have to get creative with storage solutions, but one thing I could never quite get stored in a way that was both functional and fit in my space was my essential oils.

I used to store the oils in boxes made for storing essential oils, creative, right? Nope, but it worked because I was able to stack boxes on top of one another and have everything stored on one or two bookshelf shelves. The thing with that was, it made it hard to locate things and every time I went to use an oil (which is daily), I’d have to move the whole stack of boxes to get the oils I was wanting out. Not fun, and it actually was starting to make me not want to use my oils as much.

That’s where this shelf comes in.

The bronze version of the shelf

I found this on Amazon and immediately bought it. It comes in two colors: black or bronze and has 5 shelves to hold small bottles. It’s advertised as a nail polish shelf, but let me tell you, it makes a great essential oil shelf too. It also comes with all of the hardware you need to hang it, so you don’t even have to worry about heading out to the hardware store for screws, etc. It’s made of metal and measures just shy of 24″ round.

I have 125 bottles of oils on this bad boy and I still have room for several more. I love that I can now see and access all of my oils at one time, plus I cleared up two shelves on my bookshelf and was able to repurpose them with other materials.

My shelf, all organized and ready to go =)

I do want to point out a couple of things to take into consideration if you’re interested in using a shelf like this:

  1. If using the shelf for essential oils, as I did, hang it in an area that doesn’t get much direct light and in a room that doesn’t get overly hot. This is best to keep the quality of the oils intact.
  2. I don’t suggest storing citrus oils (grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangerine, mandarin, sweet orange, bergamot) on this shelf because these oils are known for their rapid dissipation (evaporation) from their bottles. I actually keep all of my citrus oils in a small fridge in my office.
  3. This shelf doesn’t have to hold solely essential oils, it could also easily hold butters, carrier oils, nail polish, craft paints, pens/markers, crafting wire, or just about anything else small that you can think of.

You can find the shelf on Amazon here.

What are some of your other favorite storage tips for your craft items? I’d love to hear them!

Happy Crafting!

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