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These would be cute to add to a valentine’s-type goodie bag. Never ceases to amaze me the simple yet brilliant things people are able to come up with. 

Take this for example, some graham crackers, icing and sweet hearts with little sweet nothings on them. Perfect. 😀

This inspired me to look up other activities you can make and was pleasantly surprised.

Visit Sippy Cup Mom for the full instructions and visit the other activities I found!

Tetris Brownies – Perfect for a retro game night party. All the bright colours of tetris tiles achieved with icing on top and arranged like a tetris board, love it.

Edible Checkers – Use Finding Dory themed goldfish crackers like this mom did, or even different coloured cereal will work too!

Dominos and Dice – This link shows various ways to make dishes involving dice and dominoes games. Brownies, ice cream sandwiches, trail mix and cookies. Again, perfect for a casino themed type party.

Marshmallow Nail Polish Bites – Not so much of a game type activity, but these would be cute to make for a little girl’s birthday party, or even just someone of age that enjoys nail polish; no judgment here. 🙂 

Koolaid Lip Balm –  Probably the best flavoured lip balm you ever had. I used to do this as a kid with my cousins when we visited our grandparents. Good memories, tasty lips! 

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