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Today we are talking about thread storage, specifically about Sulky thread storage


I don’t know about you, but right now if you looked in my quilt studio you would find a big box of spools of thread.  They are all just floating around and many of them are slowly unwinding every time I go to pull out another spool.

Here is a terrific solution for that problem.  Sulky sells these handy storage boxes in various sizes  You can show off all of those beautiful spools of brightly colored thread any way you want to in one of these boxes.

You can get their original ones or their universal ones.  You can also get them empty or filled (nice!).

If you need a solution for all of that thread you have sitting around the house then you may want to check out these storage boxes from Sulky.  You can purchase them here: Sulky Slimline Thread Storage Boxes

[photo from Slimline]


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