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It’s the season of farmers markets and farm stands, so it’s a great time to knit a string bag to hold all your goodies. Here are a few great options I found on Etsy.

The BYOB Market Bag from Wyndlestraw Desgins has a solid pattern stitch for the base and handles, giving it extra strength, with a ridged eyelet pattern on the body.

Darling J’Adore uses a super open lacy stitch on their produce bag knitting pattern. It has Garter Stitch handles for ease in carrying.

The Rainbow Market Bag from Womble Knits is a colorful knit mesh that spirals up the bag but isn’t difficult to knit. It also has a Garter Stitch base and handles.

This pattern from Cozy Knit Life actually offers two pattern options, one that uses storebought circular handles (you could also knit straps) and one with backpack straps that serve as a drawstring closure.

And if you need a bag to store some of your produce in the fridge, try this reusable bag knitting pattern made to replace plastic produce bags, designed by Yai Grushka. It has a knit drawstring to keep things secure and is easy to knit.

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