Shredded Wheat Birds Nests – Edible Crafts

Photo: Premeditated Leftovers

Okay, these are just way cute. Looks like these can be made for a cool Easter craft snack, but I can picture them as little favors for parties as well!

How real does shredded wheat with cocoa look like actual nests? I can’t even get over that.

Also, instead of jelly beans, any kind of chocolate eggs would work for this too. 

It’s an easy recipe that the kids can even help you with; have fun with it!

Such a sweet little something to brighten up the Easter baskets, but do you know how they actually started? Might not be what you think.

DYK?: As per European folklore, a rabbit would leave a basket representing a nest, as the hopping hare was a symbol of fertility in Medieval times. The hare would leave a basket of colored eggs for children, and this story was carried over when European settlers came to America. As to why this happened on Easter, it’s derived from the name of the German Goddess of Fertility, Eostre. 🙂

Visit Premeditated Leftovers for the full instructions on how to make these. 


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