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While I don’t have kids myself, I do know the benefits of sensory play, especially for babies and tots. 

These little hands are always touching everything just to explore the different feels and senses around them as their brains grow. 

The only thing is that little ones love putting everything in their mouths, so what better way to have them explore and be safe with edible sensory toys that you can make with ingredients you already likely have in the house.

I’ve rounded up some of the best DIY toys I’ve come across with all types of textures that are all food and kid safe.

Visit Little Learning Club for this easy edible rainbow spaghetti and squishy colourful noodles. Some other great recipes are listed below.

DIY Jelly Fossil Dig – Use plastic or gummy dinosaurs and bury in jello for your little one to find.

Edible Cereal Sand – Just grind up some cereal, use fruit loops for colour and let the kids go nuts. 

Jello Fish World – Similar to the dinosaur dig, use gummy or plastic fish in a container of cubed blue jello and fish for fish. 🙂

Magic Milk – Create coloured milk or use a straw to marble the colours together to make loops and swirls all while being completely safe to drink later.

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