Printable End of the Year Award Ribbons – Lesson Plans

As the end of the school year comes along, it’s a great time to stop and recognize the kids for making it through this truly weird year. If you don’t already do end-of-the-year awards, these ribbon style printable awards from The Thinker Builder are both cute and meaningful.

The printable includes 40 different options, covering things like best singer, artist and athlete to most responsible, best leader, super mathematician, most organized and many more. There’s a list of all of them so you can write down which student goes with which award to make sure you get everyone and to keep track.

There’s also an editable page where you can design your own awards if you have something special in mind for one of your students.

These are great for the teacher to give out but you can also have kids vote on which award they think should go to each student, or have a stack in the classroom so kids can give them to each other.

You can grab the printables and all the details at The Thinker Builder.

[Photo: The Thinker Builder.]

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