Popcorn Pumpkin Crochet Pattern – Crochet

It’s pumpkin crafting season and I had to share this fun new Crochet pattern with you, This popcorn-style pumpkin pattern (say that fast 10 times)  is adorable and I just love the texture it has. It has a farmhouse style whilst also having a fun funky boho vibe to it.

Pumpkins are a great pattern to be working on this time of year, believe it or not, Pumpkins are so versatile when it comes to decorating, they cover Halloween, Fall and even all year around farmhouse styling.  I love adding some Pumpkin spice scent

to my projects and using them as a room fragrance, when you add a little scent they make for wonderful handmade gifts too.

You can purchase this crochet pumpkin pattern here Via Etsy.

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