Open Your Mind to Crystal Healing – Bath and Body

Crystals. Pretty rocks or bonafide healing modality? You decide.

Have you heard about crystal healing lately? It seems like every time I’m on social media, I see posts about crystals and all of their amazing uses so I decided to check it out for myself. Read on to learn what I’ve learned!

Crystal healing is considered to be a form of alternative healing that deals with energy and is said to be able to bring a sense of balance to a person’s mind and life. Experts say the energy of crystals predominately helps with mental and emotional health and can bring about feelings of tranquility, balance, and harmony.

Although crystals have been around for thousands of years, their popularity is rising as of late, due in part to celebrities talking about them on social media. Celebrities such as Adele, Victoria Beckham, and Naomi Campbell have all been touting the positive benefits they’ve been seeing from crystal healing practices.

Popular Crystals

Rose Quartz – love, relationships, friendship, recovery, fertility

Amethyst – meditation, healing of the mind, body, and soul

Citrine – prosperity, creativity, business endeavors, confidence, digestion

Jade – health, purity, fertility, wisdom, peace

Turquoise – friendship, love, protection, balance, purification, wisdom

Jasper – empowers the spirit, stress, courage, confidence

Tiger’s Eye – motivation, rid the body and mind of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt, clarity

Choosing your Crystal

Those in the know about crystal healing say that choosing the right crystal for you is a lot about gut feelings and your intuition. I suggest deciding what you want the crystal to do for you and then looking at a list of crystals with that property. From there, you can choose based on whatever you like – color, texture, or gut feelings. If you find yourself drawn to a crystal outside of those that hold the properties you’re looking for, go for it, there’s got to be a reason why you’re drawn to it.

How to Use your Crystal

  1. Wear them as a piece of jewelry
  2. Carry them around in your purse, backpack, pocket, etc.
  3. Meditate with them
  4. Put them in the bath with you
  5. Create a ritual that includes your crystal
  6. Leave crystals around your spaces
  7. Add intention to your crystal by holding it in your hand and thinking the intention of what you want that crystal to do for you, some examples are, “I intend for this crystal to ease my anxious thoughts and help me stay calm and clear-headed.” “I intend for this crystal to help me let go of negative emotions that are holding me back and instead replace them with positive, happy thoughts and feelings.” 

Final Thoughts

In order for crystal healing to work for and with you, you need to go into it with an open mind. Clear your mind of any negativity or skepticism about the modality and instead open yourself up to the possibilities.

Happy Crafting!

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