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So one of the biggest tragedies of covid is the loss of international travel, which means millions of us are missing out on Disney World and Disney Land. Personally, DisneySea is my favorite. Disneysea is in Japan for anyone who doesn’t know. What it lacks in size it makes up for in detail.  This recipe book, brings a little Disney back into your home.

The kitchen is a great place to make memories . And Disney Eats will inspire you to prepare food that’s not just fun but also tasty!
From healthy snacks like a Minnie Mouse-inspired crudité platter and savory dinners such as Mulan’s Blossom Stir-Fry to Disney-character-themed bento box lunches and easy-prep treats such as Frozen Banana Dalmatian Pops, author Joy Howard shows that the creative possibilities are endless.

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