Meet Tom Daley, Olympian and Knitter – Knitting

Tom Daley is best known as a member of the British Olympic team, who recently won gold with Matty Lee in synchronized diving.

When practices and meets were curtailed in 2020, Daley found himself with a lot of time on his hands and took up knitting, and, later, crochet. He started an Instagram account where he shares his makes, and has even released a pattern for a crocheted granny square jumper that’s sold on Love Crafts as a benefit for a brain tumor research charity.

In an interview with Rowan Yarns he said his first project was a knit scarf for his mum, and while he likes the ease of shaping and adjusting sizes in crochet, he prefers the look of knitting.

He’s been quite prolific in his year and a half as a stitcher, making sweaters, toys, baby things, even a crocheted cat couch.

He said in that post he planned to take his knitting to Tokyo, but I’m not finding pictures of him knitting between dives. Still we wish him and all crafty Olympians well in the Games!

[Photo via Made with Love by Tom Daley.]

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