Learning Flags for the Olympic Games – Lesson Plans

The Olympic Games are happening for the next couple of weeks, and they provide a great opportunity to sneak in some learning about other countries.

It’s always fun to watch the parade of nations during the opening ceremonies and see the different flags and how many athletes are representing each country.

You can help kids learn about some of those flags with these printable flag cards from Books and Giggles. The flags here represent the top 15 nations in terms of medals won, so if you’re watching events and you see a medals ceremony it’s likely you’ll be able to match a flag to the ones on the podium.

You can also play matching games to match the flag to the nation’s name (there are labeled and unlabeled options) or add in a geography component and stick the flag to the country on the map.

Grab the printables and more ideas for using them from Books and Giggles.

[Photo: Books and Giggles.]

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