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CBD softgels vs. CBD oil: Know the Difference

It’s pretty difficult not to get caught up in the current CBD gold rush. We have seen big companies cashing in on this situation by pitching CBD as a cure for all. We have seen beauticians incorporate CBD in cream and shampoo making, we have seen supplement and drug makers incorporate it in some of their products, and we’ve seen even food lovers converting it into edibles. We can boldly tell you we’ve seen it all. CBD’s impact is so felt that there’s hardly any area of business you won’t find its influence there.

Despite its popularity, many people still don’t know the differences between the various forms of CBD. The most common being CBD softgels and CBD oil. What exactly are they, and what are their differences?

What is CBD oil?

A lot of people confuse CBD oil with CBD tincture. Before we go on clear up the confusion between both, let us explain how CBD oil is produced first.

First of all, you need to know that there are many different processes or ways CBD oil is produced. But we will cover the most common one, which is extracting it from hemp through carbon dioxide. Marijuana or cannabis is not a better choice in comparison to help in most situations because it contains high levels of THC. And THC is the compound that gets people high when they consume marijuana.

In the CO2 extraction method, carbon dioxide is used to extract CBD from hemp under very low temperatures. At the end of the day, no chemical or residue is left in the final product—CBD oil. Finally, the oil is suspended in a carrier oil to make it consumer-friendly. The downside of this extraction method is that it is pretty expensive and requires costly equipment.

Now that you know what CBD oil is let us explain CBD tincture briefly. Generally, a tincture is made by dissolving CBD in alcohol. Now you can see the two are quite different.

What are CBD softgels?

When CBD oil is placed in a gelatin-based shell to make it swallowable, it is called a CBD capsule or softgel. The capsule protects the oil from damage. However, you should be careful when it comes to capsules because the modern-day encapsulation process comes with some defects. To ensure you aren’t ingesting anything that could cause any health problem and enhance absorption, some CBD capsules offered by some reputable outlets such as Joy Organics have further undergone nano-emulsification; this page has more information.

What is the difference?

CBD oils are designed to be consumed using a dropper. You simply load the dropper and squirt the oil under your tongue. You could also use a vape in place of a dropper. However, the latter is not consumer-friendly for non-smokers.

While CBD softgels, like capsules, are designed to be swallowed. It gets dissolved fast in your gastrointestinal tract and travels down to the liver, where it is broken down as your body begins absorbing its content via the bloodstream.

In terms of popularity, CBD oils are far more popular than CBD softgels. This is because CBD oils are readily available and can be used for a wide range of purposes. This includes supercharging your drinks and foods with CBD oils. When feeling tired, some people replace CBD-infused energy shots with energy drinks or coffee.

When it comes to convenience, CBD softgels win the day for a lot of users. This is because CBD capsules are easy to carry around, much more like your favorite candies.

Which is right for you?

Both of them can serve the same purpose. They both affect your endocannabinoid system the same way by activating the receptors that unlock the many health benefits associated with the compound. Benefits such as relief from chronic pain, relief from stress and anxiety, relief from joint pain and muscle soreness, etc!

The bottom line

Whatever decision you make when purchasing CBD products, it’s expedient you realize that CBD has a wide range of potential health benefits. And a plethora of research and studies have been conducted to back up that claim and to further study CBD and its manifold health benefits. What more? It is safe and has no intoxicating effect on the human body.

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