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So if an iPhone explodes and no one sees it does it still explode? Why yes, yes it does.  But the only person not seeing it is Apple! According to Apple, they would like to charge me $300 for fixing the damage caused by their defective battery because my warranty is up (and not care about the fact that the phone blew up).

Of course, my warranty is up. Isn’t everyones warranty up when something breaks? It’s like an unwritten Murphy’s law, right? Your washing machine breaks a week after the warranty runs out and your TV pixels start disappearing the minute your warranty expired and it is the same fate for iPhones too.

But I fail to see why I need to pay for a defective battery that literally exploded. You only have to google expanding/exploding phones and see that it is indeed a battery issue. It is the same battery before my warranty as after my warranty yet they only claim ownership pre warranty?

So now I am left with a $300 bill to fix my perfectly good phone, with a slightly cracked screen because Apple can’t see what is right in front of their nose.

Updated to add it is according to Apple dude, it not an explosion, but an expansion. LOL. So how many folks are ok with an “expanding” phone in the hands of their kids? What It actually is my friends is a phone that no longer works as a result of no fault of my own!  That my friends is called a shit-catastrophe.

So shall I use duct tape or hot glue on this?

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