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How many times have you tried to start a new project, gotten out your floss and promptly made a knotted mess out of it?  I know that I lost count a very long time ago.  This helpful article from Needle ‘n thread is just what we need to help us out.

You will find solutions and tips to help you get a perfect pull every time.  That will help alleviate a lot of frustration and angry mumbling when doing an embroidery project.

Did you know that there is a specific end you should pull from?  I did not, which probably accounts for most of my problems.  You’ll find out which end to pull and you’ll even find out what the different ends are called.  Who knew?!

If you are an embroiderer who seems to always end up with a big knotted ball of floss then this article is definitely for you.

Click here to get the tips: Unraveling the Secrets of the Pull Skein

[photo from Needle ‘n Thread]

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