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We have all been there at one time or another.  We go to the quilt store with an idea in mind and a quilt pattern in hand.  Then we get there and bam…we can’t decide on what fabrics to use.  This article from Amy over at Diary of a Quilter can help.

From picking out fabrics for beginners to color tips, this article has it all.  There are hints for adding some color interest as well has a section on print scale.  Yes, that is something you want to consider too.

An added perk of this article is all the photos with fabric examples.  I have a hunch she has a huge stash of fabric and lots of eye candy for the reader. You’ll even find information on various textures and solids.  No matter what questions you may have about fabric selection, this article has you covered.

Click here to find this helpful tutorial: Choosing Fabric For a Quilt

[photo from Diary of a Quilter]

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