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If you have been needle felting for any amount of time you have probably struggled with what to use under your work for best results and ease of use!

You either can’t find supplies in local stores or those online are confusing.

Well I’ve found a few tutorials for you to make your own!  So the following shows you how to:

Make a felted wool surface using your washing machine!

Make a Felting surface using your washing machine


How to sew a filled burlap bag to use as a surface:


And finally, how to create a larger, more solid wool based ‘pillow’ to work on:


You do need to use quite a lot of fibre to make a wool surface to work on.  If you don’t have a lot of excess to hand I would recommend making the burlap bag, it’s filled with rice but you can pretty much use anything you have plenty of like wheat or other legumes as long as they are quite small ones.  You can also reuse these by making new bags and reusing the filling over and over!

Hope this has been helpful and look out for more in the MYO series!

Happy felting!

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