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Fun for all sorts of reasons, these hand embroidered felt letters from Lovely Indeed a great little project.  Just think of all of the things you can do…Christmas ornaments, stocking stuffers, wall ornaments for a child’s room, etc..

The free tutorial has easy instructions along with step by step photos, so you should have no problem making one of these.  You will need general needlework supplies, but don’t worry, there is a complete list of what you will need provided.

If you are ambitious, you could spell out a whole name.

I love little projects like these letters.  They usually come together fairly quickly and they put a smile on someone’s face.  Felt is a good medium to work with as well.  It has a nice feel to it.

You can find the free tutorial here: How to Make Embroidered Felt Letter Decorations

[photo from Lovely Indeed]


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