How to Make Cross-Stitch Earrings – Cross-Stitch


I think most crafters like to show off the fact that they are crafters, but that can be difficult with some crafts that don’t lend themselves to garment making. Cross-stitch, for example, isn’t usually used on a lot of things you would wear or use outside the home.

But cross-stitched jewelry is a thing, and this tutorial from Little Stab Studios shows you how to make your own cross-stitched earrings.

Use any little pattern you like (the flowers in her example are super cute but why not hearts, skulls, or any other tiny design?) stitched on high-count fabric. Add some basic jewelry making items and skills and you’ll be making stitched jewelry for everyone you know.

Head to Little Stab Studios for all the details.

[Photo: Little Stab Studios.]


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