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Making clay noses and more!

We’ve all been there, you just needle felted the most gorgeous pooch or bear and the finishing thing, what would really set that creation apart, would be a realistic nose!

Sometimes using a different media, or craft supply, in your work can make the difference between okay and wow!  You get these effects from eyes as well and I hope to share a great eye making tutorial in the near future.  It’s often the little details that add extra character and interest to your piece.

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One way to use a clay nose.

For now, here is a site I have found with really simple instructions for making noses, ears and even horns for your felted creations.  In this tutorial they use a product called silk clay, but you can use these instructions for any clay you like really including oven bake ones.  So don’t feel like you have to use the same product to get the desired result!  Just remember that with some clays you have to knead them well before you begin.


You can also just glue the clay pieces on with a good quality glue or jewelry fixative.  Check out your options before you start to make sure the glue you choose is compatible with your clay.

Pop over to:  The Makers UK to follow along with these easy step by step instructions.

I hope you will find that these tiny bits of something extra will take you work to the next level!

Happy felting (and sculpting!)


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