How To Make A Resin Rolling Tray

This roundup of crafts shows you how to make Resin trays or Resin rolling trays. All of these tutorials below are for epoxy resin trays.


What is resin?

Resin is mainly used as glue. It protects the surface from external factors, and embeds things together. The first resins were found in nature in insects and plants and have been used for years to stick and seal. Amber stone commonly used in jewelry is the resin from a tree.


How durable is resin?

Resin is a strong and functional craft medium and can be used as stand-alone casting material with no added support, resin molds are a popular way of creating bases purely with resin.


What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is used most commonly for crafts and DIY projects. It is easy to work with and easily available. Epoxy resin is a liquid form adhesive that dries clear with a high gloss finish. Resin comes in two parts that are mixed to create a chemical reaction that hardens the reason.. Resin is commonly used as a sealer on floors and kitchen countertops..


What is the difference between resin and epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin and resin are different only due to drying time. Epoxy hardens faster than resin Resin can take12  hours to harden while epoxy resin dries in 30 minutes. Depending on your project you will need to choose a resin that suits your DIY project.  


Is resin safe to craft with?

Precaution should be taken and masks, gloves and using in a well-ventillated areas is highly recommended. 


Epoxy resin Care guide: 

Resin is easy to care for, it is durable but has a weakness, it yellows with age, especially when the piece is placed in UV light. Marine-grade epoxy tends to yellow faster, so depending on your project the clarity or clearness of your epoxy may not be important. 

Epoxy resin is not heat resistant, so should not be used for high temp projects. Ay kind of oil-based polish can be used to buff it back to its natural shine. For imperfections use fine grade sandpaper to buff the surface.



How much resin do I need for my project?

You need to measure the area and volume of the project’s surface. This calculation is based on the depth of your craft project. If the surface is flat length times width can give you an estimated area. For depth simply multiply the height of the project to get the estimated volume.



What supplies are needed for creating resin projects?

Most resin projects require the following supplies:

1) epoxy Resin

2) Strong plastic gloves

3) plastic spoons

4) disposable plastic mixing cups

5) stir stick or popsicle stick for stirring

6) covered working space


What can I add to epoxy resins?

1) Fresh flowers

2) Pigments and dyes

3) Glitter

4) Gold leaf

5) Pressed or artificial flowers


What surfaces can I pour resins onto?

You can pour epoxy resin on almost every surface. Some popular ones include:






Silicone molds

Cookie cutters

Plasticine molds



What epoxy resin molds can I use?

Epoxy resin can be used in a variety of projects and crafts. Such as:

Jewelry making Bangle molds

Coasters Molds

Ashtray molds

Tray molds

Paint Pouring art




How to clean resin off your skin. 

Avoid contact with your skin but if accidents happen, simply remove it using either of the Acetone. 


Here re the roundup for the resin rolling tray tutorials.

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How to simply make DIY Fall Resin Tray Easy for Beginners



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