How to Make a Mini Basket out of Embroidery Floss – Needle Work


Cuteness overload alert!!  Look at this absolutely adorable mini basket made out of embroidery floss.  The tutorial is brought to you by The Creativity Patch and is ideal for all of that floss you have left over from old projects.

The designer has an entire video series dedicated to these little gems.  I don’t think I’d recommend this project for people that don’t like making miniatures or whose fingers may not be super nimble, but the results are charming.

I have a big shoe box filled with embroidery floss from past projects that is just waiting to be used.  I think I have found a good project for some of it.

Click here to get more information on this unique craft project: Make a Coiled Basked with Embroidery Floss

[photo from The Creativity Patch]

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