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We have all seen the Himalayan rock salt lamps

, but have you seen the diffusers? The salt is absorbent and therefore the perfect carrier for essential oils or fragrant oils to scent your home.  Rock salt has become available in smaller pieces as a home decoration items, such a small rock salt stones and rock salt chips.

So what is so good about Himalayan pink rock salt?  Himalayan pink salt lamps are thought to purify the air because of their hygroscopic properties so placing salt rocks

into a bowl will have the same effect.  If you have owned a Lamp you will know that they draw moisture from the air and hence why they need to be turned on all the time to evaporate that moisture otherwise your rock sits in a puddle of water.  So when making these rock salt diffusers some things to consider are,

Is your homemade rock salt diffuser container waterproof? Can it hold water without leaking?  Is it oil proof?  I added some oil to one of my boxes onto the top of my Rock salt, and it started to seep through and onto my benchtop.  Fragrance oils and Essential oils can be quite corrosive so take that into consideration also when selecting the container you will use. Perhaps placing a coaster or solid board underneath may help.

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Where is pink rock salt from? Himalayan salt is rock salt (halite) mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan and is a popular crystal like item used to decorate the home. I like to refer to it as a poor man’s faux rose quartz crystal

. Large lamps make for wonderful natural elements in your home.

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