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There’s something about homemade candy that I just love. Turning them into lollipops make it a fun and mess-free way to have a treat for both kids and adults.

Add any colour, and flavour and they can be completely unique to you. You can add edible glitter, sprinkles, food colouring, etc.

Check out these transparent lollipops along with others down below!

Lollipops with Edible Flowers – Used real dried flowers and clear peppermint candies to make these beautiful lollies!

Inside Out Inspired Fiery Cinnamon Suckers – Very uniquely shaped fire pops, these put a fun twist on a regular lollipop, and have the spicy cinnamon taste to go with it!

Boozy Margarita Lollipops – Adults only! Make these for your next get together as something different for your friends and family to enjoy.

Easy Honey Lollipops – Gluten free and no corn syrup added, these blend honey and sugar with lemon essential oil to make a lovely basic sucker for those just wanting a little something sweet.

Homemade Tootsie Pops – These look like your standard round sucker, but inside has a surprise for all the tootsie roll lovers in your life.

Koolaid Suckers – Easy peasy ingredients to make a yummy flavoured lollipop in any koolaid flavour you like!

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