Healthy Cucumber Boats – Edible Crafts

Photo: Natural Beach Living

I can’t even with these cute healthy snacks. Who said all snacks had to be sweet or unhealthy?

Change out the red life saver with a cherry tomato and you have a perfect nutritious snack for the kids. 

I’m not even ashamed, I would totally rock these in my lunches at work. You gotta make life fun sometimes, you know?

Made with baby cukes, a carrot stick, cream cheese and a small slice of cheddar cheese, and again, swap the life saver for a tomato and just look. 

I like the versatility in these as you can change out the vegetable for anything you’d prefer like celery, peppers, etc.

I’d love to see my kid’s face at the sight of these cuties. I guess that would mean I’d have to have a kid of my own first… 

Go see Natural Beach Living for the full tutorial.

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