Harry Potter Hot Chocolate Bombs and Other Harry Potter Treats – Edible Crafts


A fun and magical take on trendy hot cocoa bombs that are easy enough for anyone to make.

With the right sprinkle colours, you can turn these into Harry Potter house colours or just a mix like the picture!

Visit DollarCrafter for the full tutorial to make the cute treats. 😀

Golden Snitches – Make these in a pinch for any HP themed party! You just need some Ferrero Rocher chocolates and some paper to create wings!

Pizza Howlers – Don’t worry, these guys won’t scream at you. This quick video shows you how to make these adorable snacks and are essential for your next HP party.

Chocolate Frogs – Only the advanced witches and wizards can add the spell to bring them to life, but the real magic is the card inside, right? Well, these don’t come with cards, but they do have a marshmallow centre!

Mandrake Cakes – Careful pulling these guys out of their pots, make sure you have your earmuffs on. Cute little plant pot cakes for any HP occasion.

Biscuit Wands – Mmmm, different type biscuits make different shapes and colours of wands to make them pretty authentic looking. Dip in chocolate and add any topping you like.

Butterbeer Fudge – Plus other butterbeer recipes. The fudge actually looks like the butterbeer colours, beer on the bottom, foam on the top. Yummy!


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