Hand Embroidered Strawberry Pincushion Pattern – Needle Work

Embroidered onto linen handkerchief fabric, this is a charming little strawberry pincushion.  The tutorial is from Samelia’s Mum and it easy to follow.

To make this project you will need standard hand embroidery supplies like a needle and thread.  The traceable pattern, along with detailed instructions can be downloaded on the website.

This is a fairly easy project to make.  It’s an ideal hand stitching project for those of us who always want to have a sewing project in their hands.  I know I can’t watch television without a craft project close by.

Wouldn’t these be the perfect little gift for all of your sewing friends.  Maybe you have a monthly sew-in with a some people, or maybe you just want to make one for yourself.

Whatever the reason, this is a design you will want to try.

Click here to get the free pattern:  Strawberry Stitches Pincushion Tutorial

[photo from Samelia’s Mum]

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