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Admittedly this knitting pattern roundup is a little niche, but if you have a dog, and your dog wears sweaters, why not knit them an adorable Halloween themed sweater?

And if you have a dog that doesn’t wear sweaters, isn’t Halloween a great occasion at which to start?

Here are some super cute Halloween dog sweater knitting patterns to get you inspired to stitch something spooky for your pooch.

The Red Heart Candy Corn dog sweater makes me laugh out loud (candy corn dog! just me?) and it’s actually a great simple dog sweater that you could modify for other times of year using different colors, or even a solid color or self-striping yarn. It uses medium weight yarn and is available in four sizes.

Another pattern whose name makes me laugh is Skull Doggery, a skull and crossbones sweater from My Savannah Cottage. This one uses worsted weight yarn in two colors (the skulls are charted) and has four sizes available. You can find it on Etsy.

Inspired by Mocha offers this spooky Ghost Dog Sweater, which has a black and white ghost on a background of a different color. This one also uses a chart for the colorwork, comes in four sizes and is available from Etsy.

Who wouldn’t want to dress their doggy up like a Jack o’lantern? This sweet dog sweater from Lion Brand Yarn allows you to do just that. This one uses super bulky yarn and comes in two sizes. The page linked is for the kit that includes yarn but you can also download the free pattern from that page.

Admittedly this last one is not actually a sweater, but it is a sort of Halloween costume suitable for a dog. The pattern is called To Humiliate the Dog, and it’s a simple knit tube originally designed by Amoena to have crocheted ears attached, but check out the pattern page on Ravelry to see how this design has been used to humiliate dogs — and even cats! — in all sorts of fun ways.

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