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Inspired by Ba-BaMail, here’s my own rendition of making this pretty rubik’s style cube of yummy fruits. Any fruits of your liking may be used to make this, but the more colour, the better!

Fruit possibilities are endless. Kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, peach, pineapple, mango, the list goes on. I wouldn’t recommend fruits that oxidize or brown quickly like apples, pears or bananas, but some lemon juice may help with this.

If you’re steady with a knife, all that needs to be done is straight, equally cut strips of your fruit and then cubed into squares and stacked into their different colours.

If you’re notorious for cutting crooked, like myself, I decided to use a french fry cutter to get perfect square strips, and then from there I was able to cut cubes with a knife quite simply, and then arrange the cubes into a big colourful cube!

Not only is the presentation of this awesome, but it brightens any breakfast or dessert table with little pops of colour! Try it. It’s easy!

Bonus: take the leftover cuts of fruit and mix together for a fruit salsa snack, or add to your favourite jello or homemade popsicles for little bursts of real fruit in a great after dinner dessert!

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