Free Hand Embroidery Sampler Project – Needle Work

Hand embroidery samplers are always a fun and good way to learn stitches.  Jessyratfink over on Instructables brings us this unique mountain design one.

With instructions for the split stitch, straight stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch, backstitch and the running stitch, all of the basics are covered.  When you are done with the project, you have a lovely mountain night scene.

In the tutorial you will find plenty of step by step photos of each of the stitches as well as a link to her free embroidery course.  I also want to add that her photos are gorgeous and really help out with the learning process.

This project is not just for beginners, it is a cute design that would make a great gift for your favorite hiker or outdoorsy friend.

Click here to get this free tutorial: Mountain Embroidery Sampler and Free Pattern

[photo from Instructables]

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