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If you’re in the mood for some serious inspiration you are very much in the right place.  Anna Potapova creates the most amazing, life like needle felted sculptures you have possibly ever seen.  As someone who has felted for many years myself, this lady’s work just blows me away and is truly inspiring.  But not only does she have an amazing way with fibre herself, but she is sharing her knowledge with those who want to upskill their craft and learn more.

You have to love how small the world has become now that we can source just about anything from anywhere we are in the world.  Anna lives in Russia but you can pop in to her Etsy store, pay and download in an instant.  Her amazing 5 star rating and excellent reviews tell you that this is a trustworthy seller and artist of skill and professionalism.

Anna Potapova Etsy Store

Available now Dandelion. Needle felted doll Art Doll Autor image 0


She has a number of possible tutorials for you to choose from including her much requested Dandelion project which is quite unique.  You can learn to shape 2 different body types, adult and child as well as hands (which are notoriously tricky to figure out on your own) and even a summer outfit including sandals and clothing.

On-line video tutorial. Needle felted hand without wire image 0

Anna Potapova Etsy Store

If you’re someone who likes to see things in person she has many items to choose from which she will make just for you by request.  Imagine being able to touch and see for yourself the work of this master artist, not to mention being able to display this fine artwork in your home!  Truly an inspiration!

Available now Labiskvi Needle felted doll Art Doll Autor image 2

So if you are excited and ready to take it to the next level I highly recommend you consider purchasing one of Anna’s downloadable tutorials, many buyers have loved how she teaches and that has to speak volumes about how you too could love following along and learning from this amazing fibre artist.

Happy Felting!

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