Follow the Flock – Knitting

Humans and animals have grown up together and influenced each other in ways obvious and less so. Sally Coulthard explores the connections between sheep and people throughout history in her book Follow the Flock: How Sheep Shaped Civilization


The book is a collection of stories about how sheep and humans have helped each other, including theories about how and when sheep were originally domesticated, the importance of felted wool for many nomadic people, the rise of the woolen industry in Britain, the origin of iconic sweaters, how sheep helped protect people from anthrax and more.

Maybe it doesn’t sound super interesting, but it actually is a fun read that will make you appreciate our animal friends even more. As if sheep weren’t already great enough for giving us fleece and meat!

It’s an entertaining and enlightening read that knitters and natural history lovers are sure to enjoy.

About the book: 320 pages, hardcover, published 2021 by Pegasus Books. Suggested retail price $27.95

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