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With summer fast approaching in the Northern part of the world, I think we’re all looking for fun things to do with our kids. My daughter usually has day camps at least part of the summer (and even last year she did a couple virtually) but we have no plans at all this summer so I’m going to need to fill that time with something besides YouTube.

She already enjoys finger knitting but mostly just makes endless strands the don’t have much of a purpose. With the book Finger Knitting for Kids by Eriko Teranishi, she can find some fun ways to use those finger knit pieces to make accessories and gifts.

The book starts with a simple long, straight “scarf” as a practice project and shows several variations using different kinds of yarn. Other projects include a circle scarf made of interlocking chains, a braided scarf, traditional scrunchie and ribbons and flowers to add to ponytail holders.

The book also covers how to join strands together to make project like a wider scarf, a couple of hats, a bag, a pillow cover and a few other projects. The preview of the book on Amazon actually gives you a good idea of the look and feel of the book.

Once kids see these ideas they are sure to come up with their own projects, colors and styles they want to use to make things their own.

I’m definitely keeping this book handy for those “I’m bored” moments or for when she needs something quiet and calming to do. The vintage-style illustrations are cute and the projects are colorful and sure to draw kids in.

This book is a great way for kids to learn the basics of finger knitting or to give kids who already know the basics some ideas for what to do with all those strands.

About the book: 64 pages, paperback, 15 patterns. Published 2019 Tuttle Publishing, suggested retail price $10.99.


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