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9 Bath Salt Recipes to Turn your Bathtub into an at-Home Spa



Ever feel like you just need a chance to relax and unwind? Taking a nice bath can help you do just that and adding bath salts can help you take it one step further. Not only do bath salts make your skin feel awesome and smell great, but they also help you detox and rejuvenate.

Today, I have 9 AWESOME bath salt recipes for you to try out!


Use the kelp to help you relax and the sea salt to help you rejuvenate.

Seaweed Detox Bath Salts


Turn your bath into a spa-like experience with this recipe for bath salts you can make at home. It’s simple and can be customized for your preferences.

Easy DIY Bath Salts


Who doesn’t like the smell of vanilla? Learn to make a vanilla-flavored bath salt in this simple recipe.

This pina colada bath salts recipe is an easy DIY that will take your bath to a tropical paradise!

Bath salts of any type are very easy to make. For a modern alternative to standard bath salts, you can use chunky rock salt to make what’s commonly known as bath gems, bath chunks, or bath rocks.

This DIY salt scrub makes a perfect gift, or an easy homemade spa day treat. Just 4 simple ingredients!

Bath salts are very easy to make and don’t take many ingredients! Learn to make a sports relief bath salt in this simple recipe.

Have kids that want to get in on the bath salts action? Try this ocean-themed bath salts DIY that fans of Baby Shark will enjoy using in the tub.

Fizzing bath salts are a great gift you can whip up for your loved ones. In this recipe, you can find out how to make them.

I hope you get a chance this weekend to try one (or more) of these recipes out and take a nice, long bath to enjoy them!

Happy Crafting!

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