Essential Felt Appliqué Stitches – Needle Work

For those of us who love felt appliqué, it is always nice to learn a variety of stitches.  This article from Beth Colletti Art & Design has a complete list of the essential stitches that we should all learn.  Not only are the stitches demonstrated with beautiful photos, there is a video tutorial for each of them.

Felt appliqué adds an entirely different dimension to hand embroidery projects and the design possibilities are endless.  Just look at all of the author’s examples.  She has added buttons and other accessories to her work as well.

After reading this article you will be inspired to start on a new felt appliqué project right away.  On a side note, I have got to find some of that beautiful rainbow thread the designer used in one of her photos.  I love it!

You can learn all about these stitches here: Must-know Stitches for Felt Appliqué

[photo from Beth Colletti Art & Design]

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