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People who knit socks will tell you that handknit socks are just about the best thing ever. They are cozy, you can make them to fit your feet perfectly and you can customize them with the colors and patterns you like.

If you’re new to sock knitting it can be a little daunting to pick patterns that aren’t too difficult so you can focus on the tricky bits (though I promise heel turning is not as scary as it sounds on paper). Here are a handful (footful?) of great easy sock knitting patterns you can purchase on Etsy.

Starting with baby socks is a great way to go because they are so small, you’ll be done learning how to knit a sock in no time. If you don’t have a little one, they are great to donate to hospitals or women’s shelters. These from Original Knitwear can be worked in a solid color, with contrasting heel, cuff and toe or with stripes, and they come in three sizes from newborn up to a year.

Ribbed crews socks are so fun to knit and have a classic look even when stitched in wild colors like these from Summer Lee Design Co. This pattern comes with all sorts of variations to make them your own, including different options for the cuffs and heels, the length of the sock and the pattern of the stripes. And they come in four sizes!

While these socks are called the Easter Basket Anklet Socks, you can knit (and wear) them any time of year. They have a simple basketweave pattern on the top of the foot and contrasting cuff, heel and toe. So cute! Grab them from Indecisive Crafter Co.

The Sea Oats pattern from The Blue Mouse uses a little knit and purl pattern to great effect. Note the pattern description says the pattern is free but it actually looks like it costs $1, which is definitely worth it.

Try a little texture (no cable needle required) with the sweet little mock cables on the Crewneck Socks from Henry & Jane. These classic socks are lovely and the contrasting toe, while optional is really adorable. Or check out the diamond pattern on these socks from D19 Eco Friendly Life, which are a lot easier than they look.

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