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While I never understood the slime craze, what I’ve heard is that it’s very satisfying to pull apart and play with, but kids love being able to punch and smash it with it’s gooey texture.

So, that, combined with recipes out there that you can make it edible with virtually any kind of candy, I’d say would make a pretty fun and yummy day!

Visit Forkly for this marshmallow slime recipe! If you’re not into marshmallow, look at these below to try with the kids!

DIY Chocolate Slime – Mmm, chocolate chips and condensed milk. I could get on board with that.

Vanilla Pudding Slime – Not only is this 3 ingredients, I can only imagine the scent of vanilla would be just amazing!

Gummy Bear Slime – Who knew that melted gelatin candies with some powdered sugar and cornstarch could make the slimy goodness many have come to love?

Starburst Slime – Mmmm, I’m going to try this one as I LOVE starburst. The colours come out so vibrant and this looks just way too fun to pass up.

Cherry Limeade Slime – This could essentially be made with any drink crystals you like, but the smell of cherry I think would remind me of the red starburst, so I would have to try. Mmmm!

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