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So I have been seeing these LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. And I am dying to try these as I love hot chocolate.

Essentially, these are hollow chocolate balls that you can add dry hot chocolate and mini marshmallows in the middle, then you put in your hot water and let the water melt the chocolate until the hot chocolate mix comes out. Is that not the coolest thing!? I’ve been told they sell them at certain stores, but why buy them when you can add your personal touch to them and make your own?

There is a little bit of work involved in making them, but based on the recipe I read, it’s fairly simple. You’ll need a semi sphere chocolate mold, chocolate chips/melts, hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows and optional white chocolate to drizzle on top. 

And the great thing is, it doesn’t even have to be marshmallows you add, you could add a Christmas-y feel to them by adding some crushed mints or candy cane, would not only be delicious but it would add pops of colour as well. I honestly cannot wait to try these!

Visit Gluesticks for the full recipe and instructions.

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