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Ever needed a certain shaped cookie cutter but don’t feel the need to run out an look for one at the store?

This is actually quite an easy way to mold basic shapes out of foil and use normally as you would a cookie cutter.

I’d say it’s not quite as robust as a normal plastic or steel cookie cutter, but in a pinch this could work perfectly!

Use for cookies, dough, cheese, eggs, whatever you’d want to make a different shape with.

Just a quick browse through youtube and I found that there’s multiple videos showing how to make basic shapes using the same technique as in the video shown to make the heart.

DYK?: It is believed that tin-based cookie cutters originated in Europe when woodcarvers started using metal inserts for their sweet dough molds. Tinplate was made of iron which was then dipped in tin to form a coating on the metal. The history goes back to travelling tinsmiths with horse-drawn carriages. They would use leftover tin from their main projects and fashion them into little gifts for family and friends that they did business with.

Visit It’s Renee on youtube to get the full instructional video on how to perfect the rounded ends of the heart shape!


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