DIY Easy Chocolate Roses and 4 Easy Chocolate Designs – Edible Crafts

I’m not sure what intimidated me with making designs from chocolate, but I gotta tell you these instructables make it look easy!

I remember making chocolates with my grandma as a kid, but it just involved melting chocolate and placing it in molds for different designs. In these, you’re actually the mold, and you make the designs, and these look super super cool.

These are great for literally any occasion too. I think I’ll try my hand at these!

Visit TheSpruceEats for the recipe and instructions for these chocolate roses and visit the sites below for some other awesome easy designs!

Chocolate Lace Dessert Bowls – These are so incredibly elegant, they would look great for any formal occasion to hold any kind of light little treats and then the bowl itself being edible too!

Chocolate Lettering and Phrases – Print different sayings or letters and trace on parchment paper to make beautiful chocolate sentiments!

Lacey Chocolate Butterflies – These are absolutely beautiful. Add these as cupcake toppers or on the top of a wedding or birthday cake in any colour chocolate you like to match the occasion!

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Flowers – These are not only kid friendly, but adorable as a spring or autumn project and also a yummy treat. Again, use any colour chocolate you want with these.

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