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Have you “Painted with Diamonds”? It is the process by which you paint by numbers an image but with tiny crystals that can be either square or round. Kits can come either “full drill” or partial which means that you either fill up the entire surface of the image or just part of the design gets little plastic colored “diamonds”.

The kit comes with a little tool and wax that you use to place each diamond on the corresponding colored square that has an adhesive surface.

They come in all sorts of images, something for every style and decor. This one is a cool Sunset Beach image.

More about this Sunset Beach Diamond Painting Kit.

Ecovate is devoted to its users with a straightforward goal—providing the best of the best. We select each component of our products with great deliberation and care to offer the best experience only, and nothing else!


You bring your creative enthusiasm and we bring the quality tools, combined, we help you create a timeless piece of art.

The Diamond painting kit is a great meditative activity that relaxes your mind and gets your creative juices flowing. Put together tiny diamonds to make vibrant and stunning images come to life with our finest selection of 5d resins. Adorn your walls with unique DIY decor that not only looks impressive but also brings smiles and conversation for when guests come.

Ultra HD Canvas – We create manual designs for clear and precise patterns unlike the computer-generated which are often blurry.

Beach Wave Edition – A soul soothing scenic painting that capture will all hearts!

Thicker Canvas – The Thickness of our Oil Canvas is 0.35-0.40mm, unlike the ordinary brands that use a 0.25mm canvas that is too flexible and wears off quickly.

Wavy Borders – Our canvas has built-in wavy edges that can easily work without fancy frames.

German Glue – We use imported german glue to ensure the firmness and life of the diamond painting. Guaranteed for 5 years minimum.

More Cutting Surface – Our resins have more cutting surfaces which make the picture very bright and luminous.

Resin Drills – We use high-quality resins as our diamonds instead of cheap plastic ones that others use.


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