Crochet Pattern – Tarantula Bird Eating Spider – Crochet

Okay, this post should have come with a warning, but don’t worry this spider isn’t real,it is Crochet!

How amazing does it look, I feel the need to secretly make these and then place them all over the house like a spider nest has appeared overnight. Oh, the fun it would be in freaking out my husband and kids.

You can start crocheting your spider outbreak by purchasing the pattern here. 

The Spider is crocheted from mohair yarn; the body is stuffed with fiberfill; the legs are set on a flexible wire frame.
1. Abdominal part – 2 inches ( 5 cm).
2. Head and body part – 1.6 inches (4 cm) .
3. Small legs – 2inches ( 5 cm).
4. Big legs – 4 inches ( 10 cm).

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