Crochet Pattern – Halloween Granny Square – Crochet

The Halloween Granny Square Bundle is a collection of 20 Halloween-themed afghan blocks. The perfect pattern collection to create a fun Halloween blanket or scarf. If you can make it with blocks you can make it using these fun Halloween block patterns. 

Here’s the list of the patterns included in the bundle:

1. Eye Granny Square
2. Spiderweb Granny Square
3. Spider Granny Square
4. Skull Granny Square
5. Frankenstein Granny Square
6. Bat Granny Square
7. Vampire Granny Square
8. Witch Granny Square
9. Crystal Ball Granny Square
10. Cauldron Granny Square
11. Black Cat Granny Square
12. Mummy Granny Square
13. Candy Corn Granny Square
14. Jack-o’-Lantern Granny Square
15. Ghost Granny Square
16. Hunted House Granny Square
17. Owl Granny Square
18. Werewolf Granny Square
19. Full Moon Granny Square
20. R.I.P. Tombstone Granny Square

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