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Are these little darlings not the sweetest thing you ever did see!? I was shopping one morning and came across these cookie crafting kits and just had to buy a couple to try and thought this would be great for a blog, as it can be done with store bought kits or you could even make your own!

The kit comes with 4 cookies, 3 tubes of icing and a little bag of sprinkles to decorate with. This would be great for the kids, whether it be for a party or just for an evening of fun and yums!

The tubes of icing remind me of those drinks you could buy in the ’90s that you twist off the plastic bit and you drink from the top. Nice little wave of nostalgia there.

There’s really not much to it, but to follow the concave lines with the different coloured icing and fill in as you go. This part is actually quite difficult if you don’t have a steady hand, see below. The good part about this craft is even if it doesn’t win any beauty contests, it’s still going to taste yummy, and that’s most definitely a win in my books. 😀

I did a couple and I gotta say, I really cannot quit my day job, lol. My bee looks like one of the new bees in the hive that nobody likes yet due to her physical differences, and her name would be Piccolo. The other looks like it could be a flower, a seashell or a dystopian sun; I haven’t quite made up my mind on that one yet.

However, I had fun putting them together. It was like colouring a picture but with yummier contents. Try it!

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